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I exercise when I have time, I didn't want to pay a fortune, I don't like going to gyms, and my goal is simply to be fit (enough to feel good and be able to haul that couch up the stairs when my friends ask me to help them move). Thus I wanted something efficient, versatile, and of good quality but not too massive--this machine has all these traits. For someone like me, it's great.

Efficient: The idea of using your own body weight to exercise against appeals to me since you don't have to lug around anything more than yourself. I felt that I was getting good workouts after just a few days of using it.

Versatile: There are a lot of interesting exercises you can do to work on any muscle group. A booklet shows you each one in detail and an snap-on flip chart can sit on top of the unit for quick reference. Generally I suggest you follow the recommended exercise programs. They seemed ordered so you don't have to spend much time changing things on the Total Gym between each one. When you do, the transformation is a good way to spend that one minute break they recommend between each exercise--not that it takes anywhere near that to make the changes. One thing I like about this unit is most of the time I only have to pull a knob and raise the back and maybe unhook the sled. (Hint: changing the height also changes the length so don't step hard on the feet of the machine or you'll just end up fighting yourself)

Quality: The construction is of good quality and there are a number of useful attachments that come with this model to allow almost any exercise you can dream up but for the most part you just use the pulleys. My only gripes are: 1) the wing attachment seem a bit loose and so the rail pads slide around causing the wing to bite into the rails. 2) Where the sled hooks to the pulleys is rather cramped and is sometimes difficult to remove.

Not Too Massive: The Total Gym is 8 feet long and 4 feet tall unfolded. It does not fold up very pretty and forget about storing it under a typical bed but it will rest unobtrusively in a corner if you are short on space and can manage to lift the thing. It's not unbearably heavy so much as it is cumbersome to lift and move around. A little dolly will solve this problem nicely. Ideally, though, you don't want to have to unfold it for each workout so find a permanent home for it if you can.

The Total Gym seems best used for light to moderate workouts. You can't achieve REALLY heavy resistance on this thing. You get a maximum of 44% of the sum of your body weight and 75 lbs. For example if you weigh 170 lbs, you are looking at a maximum of about 108 lbs if you supplement it with the free-weight attachment which is included, although you must supply the free weights--75 lbs is the stated limit. I find this is sufficient for a good all-around workout but if that is not enough, you can always add some free weights to your routine.

In summary it's an all around workout machine exercising as many muscles as possible. It's not for body-building. Great for those who just want something to hop on for twenty minutes to an hour a day and feel great afterwards.

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